The system brings outstanding efficiency to the water source of the villa

The villa’s water source pure and abundant is especially important in today’s modern life. The main reason comes from the fact that the water source is heavily contaminated with bacteria and the hot water supply equipment also has many potential risks affecting human life.

A high-class villa is definitely indispensable for a system capable of providing a stable and safe water source. So which system is both capable of providing pure clean water and ensuring an abundant hot water source is a question that is not easy for you to answer immediately. The use of single devices also greatly affects the synchronization and the ability to supply water of large-area villas effectively.

Please refer to the article below with  Deluxe Home  to find the perfect solution for the water system of a modern villa!

Which water system should the villa install to get outstanding efficiency?

Unlike the water systems in houses with simple structures. The water system in villas is often quite complicated and if you design a system incorrectly, it can lead to many serious problems affecting the health and structure of the villa.

We can give you a concrete example: If you use water supplied from factories and use hot and cold water for each bathroom in your villa. This can very well cause the plumbing to become clogged with dirt and layers of limestone leading to water pollution and plumbing blockages. The use of too many water heaters can also cause the electrical system to be overloaded, these devices also have many potential risks of fire, explosion or electric shock, threatening your health and life. family. Obviously a luxury villa should not use such an inefficient water supply system.

nguồn nước của biệt thự

Understanding these inadequacies,  Deluxe Home  has brought you a much more perfect solution. That is the central water solution of Deluxe Home, a perfect solution for you to have an extremely smart, modern and absolutely safe operating water system.

The central water solution is a complete system, consisting of 2 main parts designed to be closely linked: the total filtration system and the central hot water system ̣ (Heatpump), operating with a mechanism. :

  • Total water filtration system: All water before you use it is passed through this system. First solids will be removed by this filter, then harmful substances such as iron, copper, humus powder, organic matter, dust and odors will be removed by this system’s nanofiltration filter and finally Bacteria and viruses will be completely removed by the nano filter, providing pure clean water. After going through the filtration process, the water will be stored in a storage tank for you to use or provide a water source for the central hot water system to operate.
  • Central hot water system (Heatpump): This device does not use electricity directly to heat the water, but uses heat from the environment then uses an air temperature converter and then pumps heat into the storage tank to heat the water. So this system is absolutely safe, capable of providing abundant hot water and extremely energy-saving. In particular, thanks to the supply of clean water from the total filtration system, this system can also operate continuously and provide clean and safe hot water for your health.lọc tổng, hệ thống lọc tổng, lọc tổng trung tâm

Perhaps, only a complete and classy system like our Central Water Solution can afford to give your villa an abundant, safe and comfortable water source.

Where is the most perfect water solution provider today?

With the strong development of economy and industry, there are many units capable of providing water treatment equipment. However, in Vietnam, most of the population has middle income, so there are quite a few units capable of providing water solutions for villas and modern high-class buildings.

Leading the trend of providing effective water treatment equipment in Vietnam today, most people think of Deluxe Home. A unit with many years of experience in the distribution of high-end equipment, imported genuine and outstanding quality in water treatment.

The most prominent system and also the product used by many villas and townhouses is Deluxe Home’s central water solution. This system is so popularly installed not only thanks to the good quality of the equipment, but also the team of Deluxe Home has contributed in no small part to this success. All staff of Deluxe Home are dedicated to their work, considering product quality and customer comfort as a top priority.

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Coming to Frizzlife., you will receive specific and detailed advice about each product from the sales staff. When you choose to buy equipment, you will also have the equipment installed by our staff. Ensure the right technique and give you a system capable of providing pure clean water and safe, abundant hot water, stable and durable operation. In particular, when buying Deluxe Home, you will also receive many unexpected incentives along with a warranty policy of up to 5 years for any problems caused by objective reasons. This also helps you feel more secure in choosing to buy and use Deluxe Home’s products.

Frizzlife is also a unit specializing in construction of water projects for modern villas and townhouses. Therefore, the equipment is imported genuine, meeting European standards. The construction and installation team is extremely professional and dedicated. Guaranteed to give you the best system on the market. Bringing you the best experience thanks to the use of pure clean water and abundant hot water.

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